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Counseling with Camille

Writing, speaking, and other responsibilities keep me pretty busy. I don't do much one-on-one counseling these days. Once in a while, I will work with a woman or teen girl who seems "stuck" spiritually.


However, I am only able to commit to a two-hour consultation and the creation of a personalized care plan to get someone started. Then, I will refer you to a specific counseling ministry. I have several top recommendations listed below. 


Many of these organizations have helpful resources available on their websites in addition to offering personal counseling. If you would like to submit a counseling consultation request, please email me at

My Recommendations

Biblical Counseling Ministries

Association of Certified Biblical Counselors logo blue circle background with white tree and leaves.
Biblical Counseling Coalition logo light blue background and white lettering with Bible icon.
Lighthouse Counseling logo open bible with cross coming up out of it.
Healing Hearts Ministries International logo with two hearts. One is whole and healed, the other is broken but tied with a ribbon to heal.
Hebrews 4 Counseling logo with the letter H the number 4 and the letter C enclosed in a circle.
Harvest USA logo with a gold swish

Residential Program for Men

Residential Program for Adolescent Men

Faith Ministries Residential Program for men called Restoration logo.
Salem4Youth Logo with tagline Restoring Hope and icon with Sunrise logo
Future Men ministries logo with wood panel background and icon of men with axe standing next to a tree stump with one foot on the stump

Residential Program for Adult & Adolescent Women

Faith Ministries residential program for adult and adolescent women called Vision of Hope logo
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