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For those who have
experienced abortion

For those experiencing

a pregnancy crisis

For equipping biblical counselors

to help the post-abortive


Interview with Heidi St. John

Redefining Pro-Life Video Series

This video is one of 12 episodes biblically redefining what pro-life means . . . 

that God cares for all human life.

*An original series from Knok Studio. You can view the full series here.

Compassionate Answers on the Issue of Abortion

This video clip sharing my abortion story was filmed at the 2015 Answers for Women Conference: Embrace ~ Compassionate Answers in a Fallen World with Answers in Genesis.

Watch this clip

*Purchase the full download from Answers in Genesis here.


"Towards Understanding Radio Interview" - 89.9 The Light (Australia) [32 min.]

"Author's Corner with Roberta Foster" - KNEO Radio [15 min.]

"Finding Comfort in the Lord After Abortion" - Equipping You in Grace Podcast l52 min.]

"Hope + Help for Healing After Abortion" -  IBCD [38 min.]

"Counseling Abortion-minded Couples" - ACBC Truth in Love Podcast [16 min.]

"Helping Women Considering Abortion" - ACBC Truth in Love Podcast [13 min.]

"Hope in Christ Through Tragedy" - ACBC Truth in Love Podcast [18 min.]

"Counseling Self-injuring Teens" - ACBC Conference Workshop  [1 hr.]

"Midnight Mercies: Prodigal Children - Interview" - Christine Chappell [29 min.]

"An Unborn Life is Not a Choice; Conceived for God's Glory" - 2018 Answers for Women



"Abortion is a Matter of the Heart" - New Growth Press Blog

"The Forgotten Fathers of Abortion" - New Growth Press Blog

"Mother's Day after Abortion" - New Growth Press Blog

"Why I Don't Blame Planned Parenthood" - The Gospel Coalition

"Where Is Death's Sting When Death Stings?" - The Gospel Coalition

"Counterfeit Care" - Answers Magazine (with audio version)

"Healing in Even the Darkest Places" - Answers Magazine (feat. Camille Cates and others)

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